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Packaging Development Engineer (m/w/d)

Ingenieure und technische Berufe

Our Mission

We are building a pool system of reusable packaging scalable to all food segments and retail channels - starting in Germany. In the future, consumers will be able to buy sliced cheese, coffee or rice in a reusable packaging alternative, return the packaging after use so that it can be cleaned and refilled. This is a complex mission that will have an enormous positive impact.

About the Company

Circolution is a System Development Company that - together with its partners - co-creates the future system through the Agile System Development process. The starting point for building the system is developing an innovative holistic packaging solution. Our Modular Packaging Concept is in the prototype stage and resonates well with the industry. We will develop it further through a powerful and unique process including an Open Design Challenge, Consumer Co-Creation, Piloting as well as Ecological & Financial Evaluation.

After several iterations during an intense and productive Foundation Year, we are moving towards implementation: We know how to best address the problem, are closing key partnerships and beginning to communicate. Importantly, we have built a strong role-based team culture inspired by Holacracy whereby each team member has a say and learns to take over full responsibility for their role. For all of us, this has definitely been a challenging and fulfilling journey of personal growth.


Your Role

Packaging Development Engineer is one of the key roles in the company. In line with our role-based working philosophy, you will be able to define and build your role further by yourself - in coordination with the rest of the team. Experience in Packaging, Product Development, Hardware Engineering are beneficial.

The key purpose of this role is to develop the strongest pool of reusable packaging through the Agile System Development process. Below are the main tasks:

  • work together with industry partners from the entire cycle (e.g. food producers, retailers, logistics, machine producers) to understand and integrate their requirements
  • contribute to implementation of and continuously integrate insights from Consumer Co-Creation exercises, Pilots as well as Ecological and Financial Evaluation
  • build strong relationships with packaging designers and producers
  • take responsibility for budgeting and see money as a long-term investment into building a sustainable business
  • communicate with the Communications, General Management, Data and Piloting teams


Our Expectations

We are looking for a strong and experienced person who can help us take the business to the next level.

  • technical education for example in Product Design, Packaging Development, Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering, Material Science, Product Innovation or similar fields
  • work experience of at least 3 to 5 years in a related field; in depth knowledge of common and new materials, manufacturing process, and technologies
  • proven track record of innovation, ability to work with diverse stakeholders
  • extensive knowledge of sustainability and the German reusable packaging system
  • strong personal commitment to leading a sustainable life
  • ability to multitask, manage one’s own time and be a Jack of all Trades when needed
  • fluency in spoken and written English and German. Since our industry partners are largely German speakers, ability to work in German is a must for this role
  • ability to deal with ups and downs, one’s own ego trips and those of others, stay positive and have fun
  • living or willingness to relocate to the metropolitan area of Frankfurt/ Main


Our Offer

This is an opportunity to join the journey early on and shape our unique mission-driven business

  • fun and dedicated team with strong and flexible working culture based in Frankfurt/ Main
  • shares and say in the evolvement of the company
  • compensation is a subject to negotiation based on skills and funding results

We will define the final role, title and such together based on fit and skills. Depending on your contribution, this could be a Co-Founder role.


Please drop a word with your resume and/or the link to your LinkedIN profile. We are looking forward hearing from you!

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Wir schaffen ein neues skalierbares Mehrwegsystem für Lebensmittelverpackungen.

We are building a new scalable pool system of reusable food packaging.

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