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Video Editor for Youtube (m/f/d)

Graphic Arts and Communication Design

Audiencly GmbH, a leading influencer marketing agency for games worldwide based in Düsseldorf, Germany is looking for a Video Editor for one of our exclusive Youtube creator. As part of the Audiencly team, you will work with the biggest game publishers and brands, connecting them with right social media content creators. We aim to become the number one agency in the industry, achieving successful marketing results and creating new trends on Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, & TikTok. You should be passionate about social media & gaming, and embody our values of creativity, innovation, accountability, and teamwork. Your personal responsibility, performance, and reliability will contribute to our mission. Join us in creating strategic sponsorships and creative promotions that make an impact.


  • Understand the narrative of an Apex Legends game.
  • Make appropriate clipping choices for omitting certain looting/skirmishes
  • Highlight fails and humorous moments accordingly.
  • Reading sound waves and aligning some audio cues with an action e.g. gunfire sync with a beat drop to chorus.
  • Have an insanely eclectic taste for music type according to how a situation “feels” in-game. It must fit the exact tone of battle or banter.
  • Understanding (or even inserting) references to pop culture/memes.
  • Story+humor > effects
  • Be able to make decisions and move on without watching your work over and over again.


  • Must be APEX aware
  • Must have experience in YouTube video editing
  • Presets for speedy edits such as gun, player, map, and killfeed zooms.
  • Audio balancing/treatment across multiple tracks.
  • Keyframe for zooms, general effects rack, speed, etc
  • Video/Audio Transitions
  • Audio effects for adding humor like distortion, and reverb, but also making corrections to dodgy audio e.g. FFT filters, hard limiter, etc
  • General use video effects such as crop, tint
  • Know your NESTS
  • Overlay effects without having to use AE, e.g. falling snow, VHS tape reel, etc
  • Get a sweet 4k/60 export and make sure YouTube doesn’t chew it up.


  • Career Training

  • Company pension plan

  • Flexible working hours

  • Home Office

  • Pets allowed

  • Remote work

  • Travel expenses compensation

Join Audiencly GmbH, the leading influencer marketing agency for games worldwide! Be part of our creative team and shape the future of gaming content on social media.

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Audiencly - is the leading influencer marketing agency for games worldwide! We are working with the biggest game publishers and brands and connect them with the right social media…

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