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Senior Data Integrations Engineer


Humankind has only just a few years left to limit average global surface temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. This job offer constitutes an unique opportunity to prevent orders of magnitude of carbon emission, much more than you can achieve as an individual consumer or in most other forms of employment.

Alcemy was founded to reduce the massive CO2 footprint of the cement and concrete industry. Concrete is humanity's second most used material by volume and is responsible for around 8% of global CO2 emissions.

We can change this! We leverage machine learning to provide smart production control software to the cement and concrete supply chain to improve efficiency and allow for the production of low-carbon cement and concrete at large scale. Our software is used 24/7 in cement and concrete plants to optimize production and reduce carbon emissions today. We are currently enabling our customers to save more than 100.000 tons of CO2 emissions a year and we aim to save 100 million tons per year in 2030.


  • You will help us build and improve our data integration pipelines to successfully import laboratory and process data from our customers cement plants into our cloud system
  • You will mentor more junior engineers on the team and support them where needed (e.g., review merge requests, help with architectural decisions, guide their learning process).
  • The solutions engineering team collaborates closely with the customer success, cement, and concrete product teams. This means you will gain a broad overview over everything that happens at the company. You will make sure the data tools we develop fit well into our ecosystem and provide value for members of other teams
  • We’re a start-up, so you’ll also have the opportunity to explore and work in other areas. For example, one of our front-end engineers recently took the responsibility for moving our web app deployment over to kubernetes.
  • You will be responsible for making sure our customers' data is automatically imported, ready, and of sufficient quality to be used for machine learning and to be displayed in our products.
  • You will build monitoring and automated data quality checks for these data pipelines.


  • Complete our onboarding and get guided through our development and CI/CD process.
  • Clone your personal copy of our entire production tech stack, including front-end, back-end, and the machine learning pipeline. You can poke and dismantle it to your own liking.
  • Learn a lot about cement production and the intricacies of cement data.
  • Deploy your first code to production.


  • Implement the data ingest and configure the machine learning pipeline to onboard your first customer.
  • Improved our existing data pipeline and streamlined some of our data ingests
  • Work together with customer success managers to identify their biggest pain points when checking customer data.
  • Design and implement your first data tool to simplify and automate routine tasks.


  • Be an integral part of our customer success & solutions engineering team:

  • Be responsible for estimating the time and technical scope of new features as well as their implementation.
  • You helped developing our roadmap regarding customer data integrations and shaped the future architecture and scaling of our integrations
  • Shape our general tech stack and how we work together as a team.



  • You care about climate change.
  • You are an experienced data and integrations engineer:

  • You know your way around Python (incl. its data science stack, like numpy, pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, etc.) and SQL (PostgreSQL) and know and follow best practices in easy to comprehend and easy to scale pipelines for heterogeneous data
  • You have built several data pipelines moving internal company data as well as importing data from third party sources
  • You test your code, can use the command line, and have experience with git and modern CI/CD pipelines.

  • You want to make sure your projects are brought to a successful end and have a real impact:

  • You have some experience managing projects and dealing with internal and external stakeholders. Staying on top of several projects at the same time comes natural and you can communicate clearly with engineers and non-technical people inside and outside of our company
  • You are not appalled by ancient and non-perfect tech and data sources offered and used by the cement and concrete industry. Yes, we are not kidding, you will see and also have to dig through excel files from some customers (although we try to get them to use APIs if possible) or find solutions together with our customers on how to avoid excel exports altogether.
  • You are a team player and enjoy helping your team members excel.
  • You are okay with some meetings in your calendar (and the context switches they bring with them) as you enjoy the exchange with other teams and customers.

Even better:

  • You speak German or another European language besides English (to the point where you feel comfortable communicating directly with customers and other people external to our organization).
  • You have a basic understanding of machine learning (ideally using time series data) and how this relates to data pipelines
  • You have used Grafana before to build dashboards.
  • You have experience with AWS (esp. S3, SQS, SNS, Cloudwatch), terraform, and kubernetes.


What we offer:

  • A company culture where honesty, professionalism, and integrity run deep with an open feedback culture and regular 1:1 meetings.
  • Flat hierarchies, efficient decision-making processes, and an agile company structure.
  • Competitive market-rate salary aligned with your experience, within the budget of €80-95k.
  • VSOP equity options vested equally over 4 years.
  • Work fully remotely within Germany or from our office in the heart of Berlin with flexible working hours.
  • Of course, free drinks, fruit and snacks in the office.
  • Regular team activities and team weeks a few times per year.
  • Mac or Linux laptop of your choice.
  • Budget for personal and professional development - 1500€/year & 3 days/quarter.
  • Access to - the comprehensive mental well-being platform that provides access to 1-to-1 sessions with psychologists, group sessions and self-guided tools.
  • English is our main language of communication.
  • 28 days of vacation per year and an additional day of vacation every 2 years at alcemy.

Working at alcemy

  • We value transparency, and direct feedback and are always open to refactoring how we work together.
  • Engineers take ownership of their features from implementation, testing through code reviews, and deployment.
  • No engineer is on-call.
  • We’ve been working hard to get a defined career progression framework in place, charting out both technical expert & management tracks.
  • We are passionate about helping our customers and always approach them and each other in a supportive and appreciative way.
  • Our team setup is hybrid, which means we have a gorgeous office at the heart of Berlin, but you can also work remotely. To ensure human connection we have quarterly on-site team weeks. During those, we try to focus less on day2day work and more on workshops, evening activities, goal setting, and strategy definition.

Tech Stack

  • Python for everything in our back-end. Our RESTful APIs are built using FastAPI with auto-generated Swagger UI documentation and OpenAPI schema. Our database schema is defined using SQLAlchemy and our data models using pydantic. We test our code using pytest and write modern, type-hinted Python checked with mypy. Number crunching and analyses are done using pandas, numpy and sklearn.
  • We store our data in PostgreSQL and our infrastructure runs on AWS using Kubernetes.
  • We use React & Next.js for building our front-ends. Everything is written in TypeScript. We use Blueprint.js as our component library and layout our application using TailwindCSS. Our RESTful API is integrated using RTK Query and any shared state is managed using Redux via Redux Toolkit.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is fully remote and we’ll communicate with you over email and video chat.

  • Initial 1:1 screening call (30 minutes) with one of our team members
  • Complete a take-home task relevant to the actual work you’d be doing
  • A technical interview (60 minutes) with 2 of our engineers
  • A team fit interview (45 minutes) with 2 of your future team members
  • Reference check - we contact two references you provide (e.g. former work colleagues)
  • Decision

We encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply. We also acknowledge how stressful interviews can be. Let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the process so you can demonstrate your skill set.

Note: We currently do not offer visa sponsorships, so you need to already have a valid work visa for the EU in order to apply.

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alcemy enables producers of cement and concrete to save costs and CO2 with our predictive quality control system.


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