Head of Product, with impact. Mental Health Startup.

Zürich, Switzerland (hybrid)
Project Management

Senior position, in which your skills have a direct positive effect on a key challenge of our generation | part of the core team | cash & equity compensation | 100% | based in Switzerland, only hybrid possible

Who we are and what we are looking for

The mission we have inspires us and challenges us at the same time. It is work in which skills, thoughts and ideas are poured into a product influencing thousands of souls and hearts. And with that, comes great responsibility. It requires passion for the work we do, a high level of integrity and the willingness to try things no one has tried before.

A team full of people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world they live in.

Yes, we are a hardworking team, but not for us alone, not for money or personal fame, but for the people we serve at the center of our efforts: Our team, the clients, psychologists on our platform and supporters across the country.

We are a technology, product and design driven company, but deeply believe in the potential of humanity. Technology is an enabler for change, it speeds things up, turns them upside down. But it is done by, and should only be used for: the good of people.

After the first years in a small team, we are now ready to launch to the next phase. We need a deeply committed professional for a key role in our organization - a new member of the core team.


  • Product Ownership: Ability to define product vision, strategy, and roadmap based on market analysis, user feedback, and business goals.
  • User-Centric Mindset: Deep understanding of user needs and pain points. Experience in conducting user research, gathering feedback, and translating insights into product enhancements or new features.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Excellent interpersonal skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence to address the unique needs of users in the mental health space. Ability to navigate sensitive discussions and maintain confidentiality and privacy of user data.
  • Strong communication skills: To elicit requirements, manage expectations, and provide regular updates on product progress.
  • Stakeholder Management: Ability to effectively collaborate with various stakeholders, including mental health professionals, designers and engineers.
  • Startup Environment: Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment with evolving priorities and limited resources. Flexibility, adaptability, and a hands-on approach to problem-solving are essential.


  • Years of experience and a proven track record in Product Ownership and/or Management, leading small cross functional teams.
  • An eye for great product experiences, design, and aesthetics to carry the message and value of the Aepsy brand across all channels.
  • You bring along the right intention, your will to make a difference, passion and the ability to link deep thought with concrete action.
  • When you hear what Aepsy is working on, your heart should beat faster and there should be a feeling creeping across your back up to your mind: I want to make a dent in how people get access to their mental health.
  • An understanding of the magnitude of our task, the joy of novelty and the desire to build something that is bigger than yourself.
  • Fluent in English, German, Agile Methodologies and the principles of beautiful and effective UX/UI.


Joining us in a senior position means you'll work shoulder to shoulder with the founders of Aepsy, defining, shaping, and co-creating the future of mental healthcare. With this responsibility comes equity compensation, which plays a key part in the remuneration package next to the cash component. We want you to be part of this journey with all we've got. You can design a hybrid work schedule (remotely if needed with some fixed days in our office in Zurich, Kreis 1). Please note that cash compensation is lower compared to the average high-paying corporate job.

Not Alone, Always together

We are a young, ambitious, and cross-functional team with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. We love conversations about the big picture and the small individual parts. We believe in what we do and work every day to turn it into reality. None of us could count hours in a big company or watch injustice happen. We are also fathers and wives, stand-up comedians, yoga novices, and Zen monks who appreciate and enjoy life.

Sleep on it, pick up the ad again. Read it through, believe that you belong to Aepsy, take a deep breath and hand in your letter of application and CV. And please don't send us standardized applications - we want to see that you really, really want this.


If you have read this text until here.

And you are still awake and/or alive.

This might be the position you were looking for.

And we can’t wait to get to know you.

... or you are an AI crawling the web.

Hi there then.

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About Aepsy
11-50 employees
Mental Health Care
Seilergraben 53, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Why we do what we do: As humans, we perceive the world through our minds. It is like a gateway we can change, clear and learn how to navigate the inner and outer world. Knowing this, is a super power. Difficult times can turn from threats into opportunities to grow. If one learns it early enough, a mental health challenge can also be seen as a call to adventure. A start of a journey where the final destination is a calm place deep within - a unique place we believe resides in all of us.

Psychologists are experts of that process. They help us through reflection and empathy to navigate that journey. At Aepsy, we think if you are stuck at a certain point and are brave enough to reach out for help, you deserve an easy, effortless access to these experts. One that fits your needs and personality – one you can trust. And if we open up that access for enough people, a beautiful and silent revolution starts from within to the outside world. One that solves it all.

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