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Adfinis AG

Professional System Engineer (DevOps, 80-100%, Remote)

Remote (Germany)
Consulting, Engineering

Headquartered in Switzerland, Adfinis is a leading systems integrator that drives digitalization with open standards and technologies, shaping a world of innovative, sustainable, and resilient IT solutions based on trusted Open Source technology.

For our growing German team of four people, we are looking for a determined and autonomous System Engineer who supports our customers with designing and implementing cluster solutions, container platforms, automation tools, security measures, and CI/CD solutions.


As a Professional DevOps Engineer at Adfinis Germany you will be part of a dynamic team working on customer projects and solve engineering challenges.

Your task and duties will include:

  • provisioning, maintaining, configuring, and upgrading Linux server systems and/or cloud-managed services and applications
  • debugging and troubleshooting Linux server systems and/or cloud systems, providing in-depth technical support and assistance
  • supporting developer teams in the implementation and integration of cloud native applications
  • solving specialized issues and eliminating the causes of malfunctions, if necessary in cooperation with software suppliers
  • analyzing monitoring events, identifying performance bottlenecks, and taking measures to optimize operations
  • creating main components of technical documentation from scratch
  • coordinating the collaboration with the customer and participating in meetings


Must-Have Hard Skills

  • between two and five years of work experience as a system engineer in Linux-based, Kubernetes-centric enterprise environments
  • experience with Open Source cloud and container technologies (preferred: Red Hat Openshift, SUSE Rancher, EKS, AKS, Docker)
  • experience with GitLab and/or Jenkins, HashiCorp, Red Hat and/or SUSE solutions
  • good working knowledge in the journey of enterprise IT to Cloud and DevOps
  • good working knowledge of HashiCorp Terraform and Hashicorp Vault
  • at least a B2 level of German and English, preferably C1

Must-Have Soft Skills

  • Collaboration: You contribute to team efforts, work toward shared goals, provide and seek help, and build rapport with team members.
  • Reliability: You strive for high-quality results, pay attention to detail, are dependable, adhere to established processes, and take responsibility for your actions and decisions.
  • Problem-Solving: You analyze complex problems, make balanced decisions, develop viable solutions, and choose the most appropriate course of action.
  • Planning and Organization: You set goals, establish workflows, monitor progress, allocate resources, and manage risks.
  • Customer Engagement: You identify customer needs, address their requests, utilize their feedback, develop customer-centric solutions, and shape positive customer relations
  • Self-Management: You set and pursue personal goals, cultivate and maintain intrinsic motivation, focus on relevant matters, and sustain personal productivity despite distraction


  • experience with web servers, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, LDAP, OpenID Connect, KVM Virtualization, OpenSearch, Bash, Python, and/or NFS
  • knowledge of Open Source automation technologies (Ansible, Saltstack, Puppet)
  • AWS, Azure and/or GCP certifications
  • GitLab, HashiCorp, Red Hat and/or SUSE certifications
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer and/or SUSE Certified Engineer


  • Open Source Culture: Transparency, collaboration, and community not only shape our technology choices and business model but also define the very core of our company's identity.
  • Attractive Working Environment: We're a value-driven, owner-operated company with an informal atmosphere, direct and uncomplicated communication, and short decision-making paths.
  • Growth and Training: We are committed to our employees' growth and development, investing in their training and certifications, and providing opportunities to attend conferences.
  • Freedom of Choice: Emacs or Vim? Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro, or Arch btw? You are free to work with your favorite Linux distribution and toolset.

Are you interested? Ralf Scharly and his team will be happy to review your application.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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  1. Professional System Engineer (DevOps, 80-100%, Remote)