Software Engineer - Data, Automation and Operations

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Hello there! We are 21bitcoin – a Bitcoin-only app that aims to accelerate the world's transition to a Bitcoin-driven economy.
We strive to build Europe's easiest Bitcoin financial services to help onboard the next 21 million people to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our young and highly motivated team is located in Austria, but we operate remotely, providing a flexible and dynamic work environment.

👋 About the role

As a Software Engineer specializing in Data, Automation, and Operations at 21bitcoin, your primary responsibility will be to optimize workflows for agents who focus on risk, fraud, and security. You will play a key role in developing our modular backend, enabling non-technical teams to create and integrate innovative, data-driven products and tools. Your expertise will enhance our user engagement capabilities, including customized notifications and comprehensive user profiles. Additionally, you will contribute to the improvement of compliance and analytics tools. Your role is crucial in integrating multiple third-party solutions into a unified system that enhances the efficiency and intelligence of our operations, Customer Success, and Compliance teams. Together, we aim to establish the gold standard in Bitcoin financial services.


  • Design, build, and maintain internal tools to boost operational efficiency and systematize client success, fraud detections and operational processes.
  • Lead the development of a robust operational technology stack, refining and re-engineering processes for scale and agility.
  • Integrate a variety of external and internal systems to build a seamless suite of tools for risk and fraud analysis, where experience with REST API integration will be a key advantage.
  • Spearhead the creation of a customer data platform to inform data-driven decision-making, optimizing Customer Success, Compliance and Operations.
  • Lead the initiative to build a robust data infrastructure that serves as the backbone for analytics, reporting, and AI-driven enhancements.
  • Construct a modular and scalable backend infrastructure that empowers non-technical teams to create and deploy data-driven products and tools with ease.
  • Assume full responsibility for automation projects, enhancing compliance tools, and refining internal workflows to support scaling efforts.
  • Interpret and transform the needs of Customer Success, Compliance, and Operations into streamlined, automated processes.
  • Document system architecture, processes, and best practices, contributing to the knowledge base and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

As a Software Engineer specialized in Data, Automation, and Operations, your mission is to be the driving force in hands-on development, crafting a modular and agile tech stack for operations that not only meets the current demands but is robust enough for future innovations. You'll build a powerful customer data platform that empowers non-technical teams to independently make informed, data-driven decisions and develop tools and products that revolutionize our operations. Your role is critical in interpreting the needs from Customer Success, Compliance, and Operations, transforming them into scalable, efficient, and cutting-edge internal tools that catalyze our growth and reinforce our commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction.


  • Full-Stack Development Capabilities: We require an expert in crafting and refining internal tools, with a strong emphasis on developing modular and scalable backend systems.
  • Mastery in Typescript: We are seeking candidates with an extensive background in building complex systems. Proficiency in Python or Go is a bonus.
  • Database Management: Strong command and modeling of relational databases, specifically PostgreSQL.
  • Proficiency in clean code: Knowledge of clean code practices, unit testing, and refactoring within large software ecosystems is essential.
  • Experience with Internal Tools: Segment, Rudderstack, Databricks, Jira & Confluence Development, Datadog, etc. is a plus.
  • AWS Mastery: Practical experience with AWS services is a plus.
  • Professional Experience: A minimum of 3 years in software development, with experience in enterprise-level consumer-facing apps or financial services.
  • Financial Services: Background in financial services with a nuanced understanding of compliance and regulatory frameworks is a big plus.
  • Effective Communication: The role demands exceptional communication skills to ensure seamless interactions and project alignment between technical and non-technical teams.
  • Team player: Looking for candidates who are genuinely amiable, driven, and place a high value on collaborative teamwork, always prioritizing team and product advancement.
  • Owner mentality: A desire to take the lead, showing resourcefulness and innovation in solving problems.

Big Plus: You’ve a technical understanding of Bitcoin and Lightning.

🚀 Our Stack:

Typescript, PostgreSQL, QLDB, DynamoDB, GraphQL, Serverless (CDK), Kinesis, SNS, SQS


  • Off-sites with the team at exciting locations
  • Flexible working hours in a remote-first company
  • Make a bend in the universe - to make the world a better place by helping to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin
  • Buy Bitcoin without fees! 21 premium!
  • Cash Salary: Gross annual salary & potential Stock Options for outstanding performance / bonus cash payments

📝 About the Interview

🗒️ Resume Review - Portfolio of Work: Drop a link to your portfolio/ previous work which we can review (LinkedIn, Github, Twitter, …)

📞 Exploratory Call - We'll discuss what excites you about this role and a few questions based on your past experiences

🗣️ Test assignment - We will share a take home creative assignment with you to work on (usually 1 week time frame)

👬 Meet the team - Cultural Interview to see if you align with our core values

👍 Decision time! - Our interview rounds are quick and we give a decision usually in less than 14 working days

How to apply?

Please reach out to us and include a bit about yourself, your resume/CV, examples of past projects, and a few bullet points about why you’re interested in joining 21bitcoin and what you expect.

BTW: CVs are important, but don't forget to include your favorite Bitcoin meme in the application!

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21bitcoin (FIOR Digital GmbH) was founded in 2021 by Daniel Winklhammer and Dominik Seibold. In 2022, we received a registration as a service provider for virtual currencies from…

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